Partners All Over the World

Partners All Over the World

e*Message, Europe's Number 1 for paging, offers a wide range of communication solutions for both business and private users. The outstanding infrastructure is composed of more than 1,200 digital transmitting stations in Germany and France using satellite technology. With headquarters in Berlin and Le Chesnay (near Paris), the company is developing the European pager network still further and preparing to launch new services.

As the leader on the continental European paging-market e*Message is an active member of the Critical Messaging Association of Europe (CMA-E). Our partners operate throughout Europe, including Vodafone Paging, O² Paging, PageOne (United Kingdom), VoxPro (Ireland), KPN Paging, CallMax (The Netherlands), Swissphone Wireless (Switzerland) and Generic (Sweden). Furthermore, e*Message cooperates closely with the American Association of Paging Carriers (CMA-A). The interaction is truly dynamic and global.

The successful and innovative radiopaging industry is a sector of telecommunications that still commands billions of dollars of revenue each year. Why?

Due to its unique "group calling" facility, which enables a whole group of people to be alerted with just one call, radiopaging is an excellent way to communicate with first responders during an emergency or disaster. Indeed, radiopaging is already used in many countries to alert first responders to an emergency, including off-duty hospital staff, volunteer firemen, lifeboat crews etc. It is also an ideal method for alerting and informing affected citizens during a disaster. Unlike other telecommunications networks, radiopaging networks are very unlikely to suffer from congestion, so they are an ideal for use during an emergency.

Radiopaging is a mature and proven technology. It has been in use since 1956 and the first global standards were adopted in 1984. It uses a broadcasting technology known as "simulcasting" which enables radio signals to be received from a variety of base stations at the same time, thus allowing pagers to work even if one or more transmitters fail. Finally, pagers are very small and use very little power, so they are easily integrated with other equipment such as large notice boards, storm sirens or smoke detectors. Recent studies indicate that the use of radiopaging is beginning to grow again and that emergency services and businesses are adopting them for contingency planning purposes.

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CMA-E: Click here for more information about the Critical Messaging Association of Europe, the instant nationwide-wide wireless notification, broadcasting, time-sensitive information transfer, and population alert.

CMA-E Website

CMA-A: The American Association of Paging Carriers is the major national association dedicated to representing and advancing the paging industry.

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