Security can be inconvenient: Paging Congress in Berlin provides ideas for essential future debate


Berlin, 28th April 2016: The 11th National Paging Congress ended in Berlin last week with a realisation which is not new, but rarely fully acknowledged: security can be inconvenient at times - and 100 percent security does not exist. On 18th and 19th April, over 100 participants debated the realities, measures and plans regarding the future issues of security communication and energy transition on the premises of the Baden-Württemberg State Representation by Berlin’s big city park, named Tiergarten. Another realisation: the risk potential is rising, awareness, however, is not.

Two central issues, two panels: It was the first time that the Berlin Paging Congress divided its programme according to core areas, thereby offering its 100 plus participants even more presentations than ever before: more than 20 speakers focused on issues regarding security communication and grid-conducive switching in the context of the energy transition and the smart grid. Modern disaster management, digital radio and alerts, as well as threat scenarios, risk analyses and counteractive measures for energy providers were discussed, as were technologies for power grid switching, liability risks when critical infrastructures fail and the question “All IP - blessing or curse”?

“Our expectations have been met by the Paging Congress extension,” says Dr Dietmar Gollnick, CEO of Berlin mobile network operator e*Message W.I.S. Deutschland GmbH and co-founder of the Paging Congress since its launch in 2003. “From the professor for digital communication systems to the representative of the Hessian Ministry of the Interior to the renowned law firm attorney and global system testing hacker: everyone gradually got the impression that all of these issues somehow have more to do with one another than some might think. It was fascinating to watch,” says Gollnick.

Other important insights from the two days in Berlin: The risk and threat potential of critical infrastructures failing is increasing in different ways, but the awareness is by no means rising to the same degree. After all: “Security is simply inconvenient at times,” as one of the congress hosts, Director of the Berlin Fire Department Wilfried Gräfling, observed - yet the relevant security issues must still be considered. In the matter of security communication, there is no way around having a second communication medium available at all times - even though digital radio will be used across the board in future.   Even and precisely if there can never be 100 percent security in the IP era. “An additional, independent medium like paging at least increases the possible level of security by 200 times,” says Gollnick.

One part of the presentations at the two symposia - “Alerts and Warning” and “Smart Meters, Smart Grid and Grid-Conducive Switching” are available for download at

The National Paging Congress has been taking place in Berlin regularly since 2003 and was under the patronage of the German Fire Service Association, which is significantly involved in the conception and programme planning, for the seventh time now. One of the co-founders was Albrecht Broemme, former Director of the Berlin Fire Department and current President of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief.

The 11th National Paging Congress took place on the premises of the Baden-Württemberg State Representation in Berlin on 18th/19th April.

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