Warning System for Baden-Württemberg’s Schools


e*Message Delivers Alerting in Emergency Conditions. 04/26/2012. Baden-Württemberg is introducing a new alarm and information system to improve security in the state schools. In the future, emergency warning messages will be transmitted over a wireless paging network operated by the e*Message Group.

Warning System for Baden-Württemberg’s Schools

All schools run by the state of Baden-Württemberg are currently being outfitted with pagers, according to the State Ministry of Culture in Stuttgart. In critical situations, the ministry’s emergency command staff, in cooperation with the police command centre, can address the pagers to transmit warning messages to school directors quickly.


The paging network of the Berlin-based e*Message Group, which transmits the warning messages, features nationwide coverage and is operated primarily for professional applications. The paging network is independent of public mobile telephone and other telecommunication networks. e*Message is supplying both the pagers and the network service to the State of Baden-Württemberg. The pagers are small, portable devices configured exclusively to receive warning messages from the state’s emergency command staff.

“We and the municipalities want to improve our schoolchildren’s safety, especially in crisis situations,” said Minister of Culture Gabriele Warminski-Leitheusser. The ministry acted on a recommendation of the expert commission on school shootings and a special committee of the state legislature. e*Message, the operator of professional alerting networks in Germany and France, supports the project with its high-availability alerting network.
Other states, districts and cities are also working on appropriate readiness measures to improve safety in schools.

e*Message offers emergency warning services for government agencies and companies, and since 2004 has been the only network operator connected to the federal government’s satellite-based warning system, SatWaS.

e*Message Wireless Information Services Deutschland GmbH

e*Message is the market-leading paging network operator in continental Europe, with subsidiaries in Germany and France. e*Message’s alerting (e*BOS, e*Cityruf) and data broadcast services (e*Warn, e*Nergy, e*Skyper, e*Broker) are used by hundreds of thousands of individuals, government agencies, institutions and renowned companies. e*Message was founded and acquired the paging operations of Deutsche Telekom AG and France Télécom in 2000, and has been developing them ever since. The group’s head offices are in Berlin and Paris. Since 2005 e*Message has also been operating e*Dispatch, a powerful trunked radio network for voice and data in the Berlin–Brandenburg region.

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