Six Countries, One Goal: New Warning Strategies


e*Message Participates in EU Research Project Opti-Alert

e*Message Participates in EU Research Project Opti-Alert

e*Message is working together with ten partners in six countries on optimizing population warning in the EU research project Opti-Alert. The goal of the project is to improve the efficiency of warning systems through regionalized and personalized multi-channel communication. e*Message, a leading innovator in the field with its e*Warn application, is continuing its investments in research and development.


In emergencies, the effectiveness and range of population warnings can be significantly increased by regionalizing and personalizing the warning information transmitted. The European Commission has initiated the Opti-Alert project to develop such improvements. The project brings together research institutes, universities, government agencies and companies in six European countries. By the end of 2013, the project will develop new warning strategies and define rules and principles for the composition and delivery of warning messages. The objective is not a uniform solution for everyone, but flexible warning systems that can reach the actual inhabitants most effectively, and that enable government agencies to communicate warning information appropriately in a given situation, and in consideration of the socio-cultural background of the recipients.

e*Message Develops Alert Impact Simulator

One of the tasks of e*Message in the Opti-Alert project is the development of an alert impact simulator which will calculate the effects of a given warning message on a given population. At the same time, e*Message brings to the project the expertise of an alerting specialist with European experience. e*Message is the only network operator to be connected with Germany’s satellite-based warning system SatWaS since 2004. Furthermore, e*Message is the innovative leader in the field today with its e*Warn service, and continues to reinforce its leadership position with continuing investments in research and development. With its participation in Opti-Alert, the e*Message Group intensifies its work for the development of urgently needed population warning solutions. In other projects, e*Message has laid the foundation for appropriate products and services, and tested them in successful field trials, including joint tests with the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (ISST). By the end of this year, e*Message will offer finished products and operate services for customers in industry and public administration. e*Message’s collaboration in Opti-Alert also ensures that the company’s solutions undergo continuing development and reflect current international conditions.

As an interdisciplinary research project, Opti-Alert will study both the technical and the social aspects of population warning. The project team includes ISST as the project coordinator, the region of Sicily, Thales Services SAS, e*Message, the University of Gothenburg, Ubimet GmbH, Uniga Insurance AG, and other partners in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden. For more information on goals, background and focus, see the research project’s website,

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