e*Motion Revolutionizes the Weather Station Market


Professional forecasts in your own home: a completely new generation of weather stations is being presented today in Hanover at CeBIT, the world’s largest computing trade fair. End customers receive forecasts sent directly to their home device several times daily: a quantum leap from conventional solutions. The data is distributed through e*Message’s nationwide wireless network.

e*Motion Revolutionizes the Weather Station Market

The Product
A world’s first revolutionizes weather forecasting for home users. Weather stations connected to the WETTERdirekt network provide predictions for fifty regions throughout Germany, thus offering significantly more precise forecasts than all previous solutions. The weather data is continuously updated via satellite over e*Message’s wireless network at no extra charge. Thirty-six symbols on the display provide full weather information for the given day and the three days to follow. The forecasts are supplied by a leading weather portal that analyses data from all over the world, including air currents and high and low pressure systems. Conventional weather stations are not comparable, since they only process local weather data, and display forecasts using only five symbols.

The Technology
WETTERdirekt transmits the data using the e*Motion technology, based on the e*Message wireless network with 800 transmitting stations that cover more than 98% of the German population. “Our technology has prompted a quantum leap in the weather station market. The new product confirms that our e*Motion platform is established in the consumer electronics market,” said Dr. Dietmar Gollnick, CEO of e*Message.
The e*Motion technology is energy-saving, ready for the mass market, and available everywhere with good indoor reception. It allows manufacturers to add value to a multitude of devices by integrating a wireless chip.
Paging has several advantages over GSM technology—advantages that pay when the application data needs to be updated constantly. The e*Message chip and network are by far the most economical option in purchase and operating costs. Moreover, the network coverage is much better and the power consumption is only a fraction of that of GSM devices.

The Market
WETTERdirekt’s satellite-based weather stations are available starting in mid-March from better opticians, department stores, home electronics shops, practically all DIY shops, housewares retailers, and mail-order merchants. The new WETTERdirekt models are priced between €49 and €69.
Up to now, the German market for weather stations has had a volume of some 700,000 units annually. Experts predict that the launch of the new WETTERdirekt stations will at least double this figure. Because climate change is increasingly affecting everyday life, there is not only a growing need for current, constantly available forecasts, but also a growing demand for weather stations with reliable information.

The Outlook
Other wireless applications with integrated chips are already in development. “We expect that our technology will be found in other consumer electronics products within the year,” Gollnick explained. A wireless chip could be integrated in clocks, MP3 players, car radios or navigation systems, for example, to let these products receive additional information economically and efficiently over the e*Motion platform. Dietmar Gollnick added: “Thanks to e*Motion, what used to be ‘a piece of hardware,’ something that’s ‘used as bought,’ becomes a self-teaching day-to-day campanion affordable for everyone.”

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