Non-stop Sports – Three Months Long


On the occasion of the 2004 UEFA European Football Championship in Portugal, e*Skyper and Sportal announce the Summer Sports Pager. The new pager provides 24-hour news on all the summer's major sports events, the UEFA Euro, the Tour de France, and the Olympic Games. The news is available at the push of a button, at an incredibly affordable flat rate, with a short-term subscription.

First the UEFA Euro championship, then the Tour de France, and to top it off, the Olympic Games in Athens: sports aficionados are in for a long, hot summer! e*Skyper's Summer Sports Pager and give you the opportunity to stay informed of all the results and highlights, wherever you are: at the office, on a bus or train, on the beach or at the airport—even at school or at the opera, since the news is delivered discreetly.

Tickers, scores, medal counts, dates, charts, the yellow jersey, or news of your national team: all the information is displayed right on your pager, at the push of a button. The service is available 24 hours a day for an incredibly affordable flat monthly rate. The pager device, together with a short-term subscription, costs only €29.90—less than the standard e*Skyper pager, which is already much cheaper than any SMS service. The short-term contract runs only three months and terminates automatically, without cancellation by the user.

Portugal, France, Greece: Around the World in 80 Programmes

In addition to the exclusive programmes devoted to the UEFA championship, the Tour de France and the Olympic games, e*Skyper offers some 80 more channels covering a variety of fields, such as politics, business, culture, leisure, and financial news, including more than 400 constantly updated share prices. Moreover, Sportal offers 18 programmes on leading German football clubs, tickers on the first and second Bundesliga divisions, news on upcoming national and international events such as the Champions League, as well as tennis, Formula One, and US sports news broadcast by dpa-mobil. The programme range even includes regional weather reports, pollen counts, speed radar warnings, and cultural news.

Sportal, the Hamburg-based sports website by IMG GmbH Deutschland, specializes in high-quality sports news, supplying content to media such as, Freenet and Yahoo. Since October 2003, the Sportal-branded e*Skyper pager has enabled the company to extend its range of mobile services considerably.

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