Berlin is peeping - e*Message Opens European Headquarters


Berlin. More than 200 invited guests from business and government joined the opening of the e*Message European headquarters in Berlin. Berlin’s Senator for the Economy and Technology, Wolfgang Branoner, welcomed the young company to the German capital. e*Message has a staff of more than eighty. Branoner emphasized the new European headquarter’s important role for Berlin’s economy. The example set by e*Message will be followed by other information technology companies, since the capital offers unique conditions for innovative companies . Branoner also acknowledged e*Message’s European profile: the company has been able to take the lead in the paging market in both Germany and France within a few months.

Berlin is peeping - e*Message Opens European Headquarters

EPPA impressed. The president of the European Public Paging Association (EPPA), Jacques N. Couvas, congratulated e*Message in the name of Europe’s largest paging industry association. Couvas was impressed by the rapid ascent of the Berlin company. e*Message has realized the business potential of professional paging. The success that has proved e*Message’s strategy correct should encourage other European providers.


Start-up Enterprise with 300,000 Business Users

Dietmar Gollnick, president of the e*Message management board, emphasized the enormous potential for growth in Europe. The start-up enterprise e*Message has taken over the mobile telephone services of T-Mobil and France Télécom. e*Message thus serves more than 300,000 professional users, including Siemens, Schering, Otis, Air France, Alcatel, Daimler-Chrysler, BMW and Philips. Moreover, e*Message has its own infrastructure with more than 1250 broadcasting stations, which will be further enlarged and augmented by satellite technology. This alone means an investment of more than €10 million. The company’s main objective is to become active in other European countries as well in order to offer Europe-wide paging services to business customers. In acquiring France Télécom Mobile’s wireless messaging service (FTMR), e*Message has become the leading specialized provider of mobile services in continental Europe. In Germany, e*Message provides the former T-Mobil paging services Cityruf and Scall, as well as the wireless information service Skyper. These are the German equivalents of the Expresso and Tatoo services offered in France.

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