Infrastructure: Paging and Trunked Radio Networks

e*Message is the only mobile network operator specializing in both paging and trunked radio. The nationwide paging networks in Germany and France were first built by Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom Mobile, then converted to digital satellite technology by e*Message, and have continuously modernized ever since. These networks now form the basis of e*Message’s Wireless Information Platform (e*WIP).

Benefit from Over Ten Years’ Experience

The e*Message Group is one of the leading network operators in the paging and trunked radio markets. Our solutions are based on satellite technology comprising some 1,200 base stations that work independently of public networks. More than 99% of our clients are professional users.

Furthermore, e*Dispatch, a subsidiary of the e*Message Group, launched a high-capacity trunked radio network in December, 2005, for mobile voice and data communication in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. This network is one of the most advanced in Europe. Its key advantages include fast connection set-up, high availability, optimum wireless coverage, and independence from network congestion and privately used infrastructures.

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