e*WIP: the Wireless Information Platform

e*Message, the owner and operator of digital paging networks with some 1,200 base stations in Germany and France, offers end customers and content providers an infrastructure of outstanding functionality, even in critical situations: e*WIP, the Wireless Information Platform.

  •  Outstanding network coverage (95% of the territory and 98% of the population)
  •  Very high network stability (99% reliable reception)
  •  Robust, reliable engineering

A study directed by Prof. Bernhard Walke of the Department of Communication Networks at RWTH Aachen University confirmed: “In contrast to cellular phone networks, the number of users that can be reached in a given paging cell is unlimited. e*Message delivers the only economically feasible solution for point-to-multipoint applications with several hundred or even thousands of users.”

Technologies and Serviceszoom

Unrivalled Transmitter Power

Because e*Message uses the latest technologies (the 460 MHz band and transmitter power of up to 100 watts), paging messages generally reach their recipients faster and more reliably than messages in cellular phone networks. Moreover, the paging messages can come from multiple directions at once as e*Message uses single-frequency transmission technology.

Suitable for Sensitive and Shielded Areas

Unlike two-way communication systems, paging ensures excellent reception even in:

  •  highly sensitive areas (server rooms, hospitals, aircraft, TV studios, etc.) and
  •  shielded areas (basements, underground garages, tunnels, etc.).

High System Reliability

The e*Message Group transmits paging messages using two different industry standards: ODPS (Open Distributed Paging System) and POCSAG (Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group). ODPS incorporates a simple and clear redundancy concept: identical system components work in parallel, and are deployed so that when one component fails, the others can take over its complete load.

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