e*Dispatch: Trunked Radio for Professionals

The e*Dispatch mobile voice and data communication service is based on trunked radio technology in accordance with MPT 1327, a globally adopted, robust industry standard. e*Dispatch features extensive latitude for custom solutions.

Push-for-Talk: Call Set-up at the Push of a Button

e*Dispatch: Trunked Radio for Professionals

he trunked radio technology for mobile data communication also includes professional features such as simultaneous group call set-up at the push of a button — hence the name “e*Dispatch”. There is no time-consuming dialling with e*Dispatch. Users simply press a button and talk (“push-for-talk”), instead of dialling and waiting as in mobile phone networks.


So-called “PTToc” services (push-to-talk over cellular) are a far cry from the immediate, delay-free communication offered by e*Dispatch. Because connection set-up is extremely fast, the service is ideal for command and control in security applications.

Other professional features include emergency calls, status messages, secure data transfer with acknowledgement and various priority levels, and custom group management. The latter option means that a user can call not only members of his own group, but also users in other groups or entire fleets at the push of a button. With e*Dispatch, the groups can be defined dynamically, to adapt to changes in flight plans or timetables for example .

Find out more about e*Dispatch trunked radio at  www.edispatch.de

Outstanding Features:

  • Disaster-proof, independent communication system
  •  High network availability
  •  Fast call set-up and push4talk
  •  High quality and flat-rate voice communication within the network
  •  Priority for emergency calls, even to busy users
  •  Direct-radio mode for communication without infrastructure
  •  Status message transmission: the fastest, most secure communication
  •  Short data messages (SDM/EDM) with network acknowledgement
  •  Remote monitoring and control

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