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e*Message stands for secure mobile communication. Be reachable all the time, via paging or trunked radio. Here are the solutions we offer at a glance:

Reachable round-the-clock


The e*Cityruf professional paging service is a fast and reliable way for employees, customers and suppliers to be alerted, informed and instructed, whether as individuals or groups. e*Cityruf also allows machines or systems to be monitored and error messages to be sent automatically. For many years, e*Cityruf has been used by customers from a wide range of sectors; it has been used for transport coordination, emergency alerting, on-call service and customer notification. The proven e*Message technology never fails when reliable, fast and widespread communication is needed.


Redundancy for more reliability


e*Message offers 2wayS, a flexible and easy-to-use multichannel alerting solution for the secure transmission of alerts and information to mobile receivers. It is based on the use of two completely independent communication infrastructures (multichannel approach). In addition to the highly available e*Message security radio network, a second, redundant network (public mobile phone network) is used in parallel to transmit alert messages and information.


Trunked radio Berlin-Brandenburg


e*Dispatch offers companies in the greater Berlin area and remote parts of Brandenburg a professional service for mobile voice and data communications. It is based on digital trunked radio technology, which works according to the globally established, very stable and widely recognised MPT 1327 standard, separately from the privately used infrastructure and potentially overloaded public mobile networks.


Non-public alerting for firefighters


As the operator of Europe’s biggest security radio network, e*Message offers the e*BOS alerting system ( e*BOS-Alarmierung) , a professional alerting solution. It is primarily targeted toward German authorities and organisations tasked with security (BOS) and companies with specific risk situations, such as those in the chemical industry or at airports. For many years, the e*BOS alerting system has been used by volunteer and professional fire departments, industrial, works and commercial fire brigades, and large and small-scale industrial operations, with reliable, cost-effective results and the highest levels of service coverage in all operational situations. The fast, secure and non-public digital e*BOS alert network is available nationwide in Germany.


Radio based smart grid control


e*Nergy is a M2M (machine-to-machine) solution for controlling power grids with the aim of ensuring network stability and preventing outages resulting from overload or underload. To achieve this, network operators must be able to switch on or off decentralised power consumption and generator units such as lamps, heating systems, electric vehicle charging stations, wind turbines and photovoltaic systems as required. These can be remotely controlled via the nationwide security radio network of e*Message at any time. The new hybrid e*Nergy electricity paging system for load and feed-in management combines radio receiver, switching electronics and interface into an intelligent measuring system and communicates via the e*Nergy radio module and the integrated CLS interface.


Media platform with value added

e*Motion is a platform provided by e*Message for the transmission of up-to-date information such as weather forecasts, sports results, share prices or traffic and price data to individual or millions of addresses – locally, regionally or nationally. It is an effective and intelligent combination of internet and broadcast network.


Warning of Population with wake-up function


The e*Warn system is designed to deliver warnings and information for civil protection and disaster control. It ensures that all persons in a special risk area receive warnings. This can be nationwide in Germany, regionally, locally, in a specific street or an individual house. The e*Warn system allows concrete information and recommended actions to be communicated and helps the warned persons to take targeted action.
The e*Warn paging service is available nationwide in Germany and independent of public mobile networks, ensuring the fast, reliable transmission of information and warnings to the population at imminent risk.
Since January 2004, e*Warn has been connected to the modular warning system (MoWaS) of the German federal government.

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