e*Motion: Platform for Dynamic Content Transfer

Thanks to the universal e*Motion platform, e*Message can transfer constantly updated weather, sports, traffic or stock-exchange data to registered users – in selected regions or nationwide, either to groups or individuals. The technology’s main advantage is its unbeatable low cost compared to similar services over GSM networks. Other advantages of the e*Motion platform include its nationwide coverage, the low investment cost for receivers and network, and the low power consumption of the user devices compared to GSM technology.


Innovation Prize for Wireless Weather Station


In October 2007, the European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA) has awarded its Innovation Prize to the e*Message group in recognition of the revolutionary, satellite-based weather station launched by the company during the year. More than one million of the novel stations with constantly updated reports have been sold in Germany and France within just one year.


Electricity Rate Displays Assist Customers in choosing Energy Providers


EnBW has developed a system that not only measures power consumption, but also keeps the user abreast of the current electricity prices. Thanks to a little device, private users will be able to adapt their consumption to the current price – a revolution in power points, made possible by the constantly updated data transmitted via e*Message’s paging network.


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