In the Home: Paging Private Persons

Paging applications for use in the home are focused on population alerting and other applications unrelated to warning. The target groups for such applications are either the population as a whole, or groups of people specified by a limited territory or other characteristics.
On population alerting in particular, the media report that at least in the past ten years, insufficient progress has been made in opening channels to warn private citizens. Meanwhile the threats that people need to be warned of have increased in number and diversity. e*Message''s paging technology provides unique solutions to this challenge.
Other applications are aimed at delivering information to individuals, not through dedicated paging receivers, but through modules in user devices with different primary functions. Examples include smoke alarms, weather stations, and mobile phones.
In view of the energy transition too, technologies are needed to save energy without costing more than the energy saved. Paging can help to keep the energy transition affordable.

Paging Belongs in Technical Consumer Products: It Brings Them to Life

Paging technology develops fields for potential innovation not only through its economical and energy-saving characteristics, but also by its advantage of being easy to integrate in other consumer products – including products that are well-known for their reliable functions. Such as weather stations, smoke alarms and mobile phones.

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