e*Nergy: Efficient Contribution to the Energy Transition

Pioneer in radio-based control technology

e*Message is making a major contribution to the stability of the power grid in the energy industry. Energy providers must be able to carry out effective remote control of the decentralised energy consumption and generation in order to ensure the stability of the power grid. With the introduction of intelligent power grids (smart grids), the e*Nergy M2M (machine-to-machine) control solution ensures reliable and efficient remote control of all consumption and generator units in modern energy systems. The innovative new service consists of transmission and safety-related services and includes an accompanying radio module.

e*Nergy was launched for the first time in September 2014 in the area of the substation in the Berlin district of Britz, which supplies around 25,000 households with electricity. System groups are controlled, switched on or off and individual elements are regulated in phases with e*Nergy via the IT platform built by Berlin project partner, Bosch Software Innovations GmbH, and provided by Stromnetz Berlin GmbH. e*Nergy takes up less space and is significantly more efficient than comparable solutions – a modern and cost-effective solution for the replacement of audio frequency ripple control in the context of smart meter gateway and EEG. e*Nergy also comes with a special security concept using digital signatures.

e*Nergy wins the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Prize

e*Nergy wins the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Prize

This universal, highly durable and secure new solution is the only one of its kind in the sector and a pioneer in radio-based control technology. e*Nergy received the renowned Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Prize in December 2014.

Until now, the control of night storage heating, lighting and heat pumps, based on network load, has been implemented via e*Nergy in the Britz substation. In the next phase, both the existing systems and the new facilities and systems in all of Berlin will be equipped with e*Nergy receivers. Not only will this enable connected photovoltaic systems, electric storage heaters, small-scale CHP power plants, electric vehicle charging stations and even the outdoor lighting of public buildings to be switched on and off, but power, energy input and energy consumption will also be gradually adapted with the new remote control technology.

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