Dr Klaus Hütten from e*Message is new chairman of the Federal Association of Professional Mobile Radio


Berlin, 6th March 2017: Dr Klaus Hütten is the new chairman of the Federal Association of Professional Mobile Radio (PMeV). The e*Message Wireless Information Services Deutschland GmbH Sales Director was elected by the general assembly in Hamburg on 1st March. He is thus taking over from Peter Damerau who held the position of chairman since 2009. The Motorola Solutions Germany GmbH Sales Director did not run this year and was elected an honorary member by the assembly. Dr Klaus Hütten was one of his deputies since 2009.

The PMeV is an association of leading providers and users of communication systems for professional mobile use. The Berlin mobile network operator e*Message has been an active member of the association since 2000 and supports its activities. With the election of Dr Klaus Hütten, the position of chairman now goes to a long-time industry expert. The 62-year-old from Lower Lusatia has a doctorate in information technology and has been working in development and sales management for professional radio and security technology projects for nearly 40 years. As Sales Director, he has been responsible for e*Message’s entire sales department since 2004.

“I am pleased about the trust my association colleagues have placed in me and am very happy to take over from Peter Damerau,” says the new chairman Dr Klaus Hütten. “We have worked really well together on the board for years, now the association faces new challenges.” The PMeV actively promotes and supports, from sponsoring the annual leading industry trade fair PMRExpo in Cologne to conventional interest representation. The aim is to continue developing the professional mobile radio market in Germany. After all, the importance of the market is fundamental, but public awareness still requires improvement - although professional radio is heavily used in buses and trains, at airports and train stations, as well as for alerting security and rescue units.

“Companies are elected to the PMeV board,” says the new chairman. “Together we will work to provide our industry with as much additional value as possible and represent their interests towards politics, authorities and trade associations.” After nearly a decade of Motorola, the executive committee is now led by a security specialist with e*Message: the Berlin company operates Europe’s largest security radio network: a satellite-based radio network with around 800 transmitting stations throughout Germany, independent of public mobile networks which are prone to break down. It allows alerts and warnings to reach all recipients simultaneously - regardless of whether the group comprises 10, 10,000 or 10 million people. In this way authorities, institutions and emergency units are able to “get ahead” of the situation with alerts and information, even before they can be influenced or distorted by social media channels.

e*Message’s security radio network allows alert and warning services to be installed and utilised: e*BOS provides an optimum radio service which guarantees that fire services and non-police emergency units are alerted immediately and simultaneously. e*Warn has become an established preventive information and warning solution: Collaborating with the federal and state system MoWaS (Modular Warning System), which has replaced SatWaS (Satellite-based Warning System), the solution guarantees that both the population and specialised workers are reliably alerted independently of general network structures - either across the whole region or to the exact house number.

Since 2015, security solutions in Germany are specially labelled with the quality seal “Safety made in Germany” (SMG). e*Message is among the first five holders of the quality seal in the country. The seal is awarded by the German Fire Protection Association (vfdb) for excellent products and services in the German security industry. e*Message received the seal for the quality of e*BOS and e*Warn.

About e*Message:

The e*Message Wireless Information Services GmbH (e*Message Europe) operates Europe’s largest security radio network. As one of four mobile network operators on the German market, e*Message maintains a satellite-based radio network with around 800 transmitting stations throughout Germany which is independent from public networks. e*Message provides specialised messaging services focusing on security, mobile organisation solutions and integrated solutions. This allows individuals and groups (e.g. doctors, authorities, fire services, winter maintenance services, service personnel) to be notified, warned and alerted reliably, quickly and accurately via digital devices. Established in December 1999, e*Message took over both the Deutsche Telekom and France Télécom’s paging services in 2000 and has been developing them continuously. The corporate group’s operating centres are located in Berlin and Paris. (www.emessage.de)

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