e*Message Wireless Information Services GmbH Germany has won a prestigious award for innovation with their “e*Nergy” solution for secure load and energy management.


Berlin, December 5, 2014. e*Message Wireless Information Services GmbH Germany has won a prestigious award for innovation with their “e*Nergy” solution for secure load and energy management. e*Message was one of ten finalists short-listed for awards out of 122 nominations.


They were presented the innovation award - a check for €10,000 - at the final awards ceremony in Berlin (Brandenburg), Germany on the 5th of December at 7:00 pm local Berlin time. e*Message was one of five winners to receive awards at this year's gala ceremony. it was attended by more than 400 guests.
As far as known, this is the first time Paging has ever received such an important award.

Here is a rough translation of the announcement in German:

e*Nergy is a highly intelligent control solution for the electrical grid operators—for load and generation management. It paves the way for the “Smart City” beginning with the first step of the implementation of the “smart grid.” In cooperation with the operator of the largest urban distribution network, the power grid Berlin GmbH developed solution consists of the operation of a nationwide secure, specialized mobile radio network, from the corresponding method of securing the transmission in this network, the devices for energy management and interfaces defined for the management and control.

The e*Nergy service offers over the other solutions available for use at several points in significant added value. e*Nergy provides a unique—in this market segment—Security concept with digital signatures, which meets the requirements of the BSI (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology). Due to the high building penetration of the radio paging network signals, and the wide range of functions, available, electricity network operators can realize all current and future management and control applications in low voltage networks with e*Nergy. Using interfaces to IT systems, the significant cost savings can be achieved by the user. The flexible and extensible system is the most cost-effective solution for electrical distribution system operators to implement the control in the distribution network.

Ten thousand Euros is equivalent to about $12,440 US dollars at the current exchange rate.
Ten thousand Euros is equivalent to about $12,440 US dollars at the current exchange rate.


To ensure the reliable supply of electrical power, energy utilities today are called upon to remotely control decentralized energy loads and generators. A machine-to-machine (M2M) system offered by the Berlin mobile wireless network operator e*Message, e*Nergy is based on Europe’s largest emergency radio network. e*Message operates a satellite-supported digital radio network, independent of public telecommunication networks, with around 800 base stations throughout Germany. This radio network is used for fast mobile alerting of service, emergency and rescue personnel throughout Germany.

“e*Nergy delivers reliable, efficient remote control of all kinds of power consuming and generating installations in modern utility plants like the Britz transformer station,” said Dr. Dietmar Gollnick, CEO of e*Message.

e*Nergy Power Controller (switch)
e*Nergy Power Controller (switch)

e*Nergy is used to control the electrical power load, switching devices on and off or regulating individual elements gradually. The new technology is more compact and significantly more efficient than comparable methods. e*Nergy is a pioneer in the field of radio control technology, and boasts a powerful communications infrastructure with coverage to serve every household in Berlin.


e*Message operates up to 40 base stations in Berlin and Brandenburg alone, at sites with maximum exposure, including broadcasting towers and optimally suited buildings. This ensures uniform, high-quality wireless coverage. Because the transformer station is controlled from the utility’s central grid control center, electric power can be immediately rerouted in emergencies to restore service.

About e*Message:
e*Message Europe, with subsidiaries in Germany and France, is the leader in the European continental paging market and owns and operates its own independent networks. The company provides the services e*BOS, e*Cityruf, Alphapage*, e*Warn and more over its own paging networks. These services are used by hundreds of thousands of individuals, government agencies, institutions and renowned companies.e*Message constantly transfers innovative ideas to existing and new services. e*Message Europe was founded and acquired the paging operations of Deutsche Telekom AG and France Télécom in 2000, and has been developing them continuously ever since. The group’s head offices are in Berlin and Paris. Since 2005 e*Message has also been the operator of e*Dispatch, a powerful trunked radio network for voice and data in the Berlin–Brandenburg region. For more information, see: http://www.emessage.de

This information has been taken from “The Wireless Messaging News”, edited by Brad Dye,

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