German Federal Network Agency Allocates Paging Spectrum for New Term


e*Message Assigned Five Frequencies Through 2025. Berlin, 06.09.2012. 06/09/2012. The German Federal Network Agency has granted the operator e*Message W.I.S. Deutschland GmbH the full paging spectrum it has used up to now. The allocation, which covers five frequencies, is valid through 31 December, 2025. e*Message W.I.S. Deutschland GmbH is the first nationwide paging network operator to be granted a frequency use permit through 31 December, 2025, by the German Federal Network Agency.

German Federal Network Agency Allocates Paging Spectrum for New Term

The permit can be extended further under the terms of the German Telecommunications Act. The frequencies allocated are in the bands at 448 MHz and 466 MHz, which German Federal Network Agency designated for paging services in its spectrum use plan published in August 2011.


“The grants for paging operators are evaluated at regular intervals and reassigned for the next term. This is the normal procedure,” explained Dr. Dietmar Gollnick, President of e*Message W.I.S. Deutschland GmbH and CEO of e*Message Europe. “We have customers with a growing demand for paging services, especially in the area of time-critical and security-critical applications. Paging makes very efficient use of spectrum bandwidth due to its point-to-multipoint capability. Moreover, there are a growing number of innovative applications that you wouldn’t think were based on a paging network. So there’s no doubt that our frequency grants will be extended when the next period comes around.”

e*Message provides professional alerting, warning and information services, including e*Cityruf, e*BOS, e*Warn and more, to hundreds of thousands of users, among them companies, government agencies and individuals. For example, more than two million German households receive dynamically updated weather forecasts through weather stations with an integrated paging receiver module. At the world’s largest consumer electronics fair, IFA 2012, a new generation of weather stations has just been introduced that display storm warnings issued by the German Weather Service in addition to weather forecasts for several days in advance. All of this information is transmitted over e*Message’s nationwide paging network.

Mobile wireless frequencies are allocated for digital cellular mobile services, digital trunked radio and for paging. They are granted to network operators for a limited period, and must be extended or reassigned at the end of that period by the German Federal Network Agency.

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e*Message Wireless Information Services Deutschland GmbH

e*Message is the leader in the paging market and operates its own independent networks in continental Europe, with subsidiaries in Germany and France. The e*Message group provides the services e*BOS, e*Cityruf, Alphapage*, e*Warn and more over its own networks. These services are used by hundreds of thousands of individuals, government agencies, institutions and renowned companies. e*Message constantly transfers innovative ideas to existing and new services. e*Message was founded and acquired the paging operations of Deutsche Telekom AG and France Télécom in 2000, and has been developing them ever since. The group's head offices are in Berlin and Paris. Since 2005 e*Message has also been the operator of e*Dispatch, a powerful trunked radio network for voice and data in the Berlin–Brandenburg region.

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