Expert Centre for Paging Applications in Berlin


On his recent visit to the European headquarters of e*Message, Berlin’s Senator for the Economy and Technology Harald Wolf learned about the e*Message group’s divisions, customer offerings, and new developments. Wolf was particularly impressed by the continuous innovation that spans the company’s ten-year history. e*Message operates nationwide paging networks in France and Germany, as well as Germany’s largest trunked radio network, serving the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

Expert Centre for Paging Applications in Berlin

e*Message acquired all of Deutsche Telekom AG’s paging operations in January, 2000, and those of France Télécom Mobile three months later. As the company marked its tenth anniversary in early January, Harald Wolf, Berlin’s Senator for the Economy and Technology, visited the European headquarters of e*Message, the only mobile network operator based in the German capital. Subjects discussed during Wolf’s visit included service offerings, the company’s client base, and new development projects.


e*Message’s paging networks, with nationwide coverage, are used not only by government agencies and emergency services, but also by utilities, manufacturing and transport companies, retail chains and financial institutions. Since 2005, in addition to its paging network, e*Message has also operated a trunked radio network for voice and data in Berlin and a large part of the surrounding state of Brandenburg.

Senator Wolf appeared impressed by the company’s continuous innovation. e*Message was the first company to deliver current weather forecasts, updated several times a day, to satellite-based consumer weather stations, for example. Such devices have only been on the market since spring of 2007, and already they are found in nearly two million French and German households. The electricity rate display developed by EnBW work on a similar principle: in a large-scale field test, e*Message transmits up-to-the-minute electric power rates to the consumer’s display, which makes it simple for private households to optimise their energy consumption.

The company’s latest innovation: As part of the SAFE and KatWarn projects headed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and System Engineering (ISST), e*Message is providing user alerting and warning in several regional field tests over its satellite-based paging network. e*Message’s e*Warn sirens with geographic coordinate positioning are being used in the field test. The innovative sirens provide pinpointed population warning, with precision down to the street and house number — night and day, even during power outages. Because of these and other advantages, manufacturers are currently considering integrating an e*Warn interface in smoke alarms.

Senator Wolf noted that e*Message has grown into an expert centre of paging solutions in Germany. In the discussion, Dr. Dietmar Gollnick, CEO of the e*Message Group, emphasized, “Our clients’ needs are our guide. In proven products as well as new developments, we play to the strengths of our technology.” Dr. Gollnick added, “Flexibility, service, customer care and cost control also contribute to the success of our business —These are the advantages of a medium-sized company.” e*Message’s plans for the future: to continue its core business and to keep pushing innovation forward — based in Berlin, active in Europe.

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