From Charleston to Dublin


Global Paging Convention honors Dr. Dietmar Gollnick, CEO of the e*Message Group, with Industry Recognition Award.


6/2010. At the second Global Paging Convention, held in Charleston, South Carolina, network operators and manufacturers from all continents presented the first Industry Recognition Award. The prize was awarded by a secret vote of the participants to Dr. Dietmar Gollnick, CEO of the German-French e*Message Group, mainly in honor of the company’s many innovative developments.


The experience of more than 150 Global Paging Convention participants representing about a hundred paging companies all over the world confirmed: Paging means reliable mobile communication — even in disaster situations — and the special ability to address great numbers of receivers simultaneously. The June convention in Charleston, organized by the American Association of Paging Carriers (AAPC) and the European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA), showed a diverse world of paging applications that is being built on the advantages of this technology.

Paging is Global: Examples from Belgium, Mexico and the US

Well over 60 percent of paging users in the US are hospitals and other major medical facilities. Paging is used not only to alert doctors and nurses, but also to monitor medical equipment. The European situation is somewhat different: paging customers are significantly more numerous in industry than in health care, and paging is steadily growing in importance to firefighters, rescue services and emergency teams. In the Netherlands, for example, systems are currently being studied that would use paging to complement the TETRA-BOS system, which would also be extended, by 2030. Similarly, Belgium’s A.S.T.R.I.D. project uses paging as a redundant, fail-safe alerting system outside the TETRA-BOS network. A surprising example came from Mexico, where 2,500 pagers served by the SkyTel company are supporting a major state social welfare project.
In addition to ideas for new solutions, the Global Paging Convention also provided an opportunity to initiate international cooperative projects, and to discuss interfaces, protocols and other technological developments.

Prize-winning Solutions, Applications and Innovations

In the run-up to the convention, the organizers had asked all the participants to nominate their candidates for the first Industry Recognition Award. The winner was Dr. Dietmar Gollnick, CEO of the German-French e*Message Group. In the award presentation, e*Message was honored not only for developing completely novel solutions and areas of application, but also for numerous innovative activities. For example, since 2007 e*Message has transmitted dynamically updated weather forecasts over its nationwide paging networks to two million households in France and Germany.

Fr. Merkel

And the company’s latest innovation: Since November, 2009, e*Message has delivered variable electrical power billing rates to selected households in a major field test by EnBW (Energie Baden-Württemberg AG). Consumers read the information from their receivers and use it to cut their energy costs. The power rate display, first presented by EnBW and e*Message at the 2008 CeBIT fair, caught the eye of Chancellor Angela Merkel on her visit to the trade fair stand of EnBW’s partner IBM.

A third example: e*Warn sirens, alarm devices with the e*Warn module developed by e*Message, are being used successfully in field tests by the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (ISST). The early warning system provides the capability to alert inhabitants and government agencies, with geographic precision down to the street and house number, about impending storms and emergencies by means of smoke alarms with an integrated e*Warn module. At least one prototype will be presented in Essen in October at Security, the largest international security trade fair.

The date of the next Global Paging Convention has been set: after Montreal and Charleston, Dublin will be host to participants from all over the world in March, 2011. Ireland will also have a great deal to report on paging applications: worldwide technology providers such as Google and eBay use paging in their Irish operations — for reliability.

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