Storm Siren with Wake-up Function


e*Message, the specialist in alerting solutions, presented a new kind of storm siren at Bremerhaven’s 4th Storm Congress. The new device uses a warning module equipped with the necessary wake-up function. The Fraunhofer Institute (ISST) and e*Message are currently field-testing the storm early-warning system.

Storm Siren with Wake-up Function

Storms and extreme temperatures are more and more frequent in our latitudes. According to statistics, twice as many natural disasters occurred in Germany in the past ten years than in previous decades. The disasters caused casualties and millions of euros in damage. The problem is: how to alert the public in time in case of storm or flood? This is particularly difficult at night or in a power blackout.


e*Message presented an appropriate solution at the 4th Storm Congress, held in Bremerhaven on 19 and 20 February, 2009. The novel storm siren provides nation-wide coverage to warn the public rapidly and efficiently in case of imminent local, regional or national disaster.

Rapid Warning in Case of Storm, Hurricane or Black Ice
In case of lightning, hail, storm, snow, heavy rain or black ice, the storm siren alerts the public in time—anywhere in Germany. The technology uses a low-cost module with low power consumption, called e*WM, that can be integrated into practically any electronic device to make it an “intelligent siren”. The alerting message can be acoustic, alphanumeric or transferred to another device for display. The new warning module requires no SIM and is totally independent from telephone networks. Moreover, it is more precise, flexible and efficient than conventional sirens. The technology uses e*Message’s satellite-based data broadcast network with nation-wide coverage and thus remains operational even under extreme conditions.

Fraunhofer Institute and e*Message Performing Field Test
e*Message’s early warning technology is part of the SAFE project (Sensor-Aktor-gestütztes Frühwarnsystem bei Extremwetter) run by the Fraunhofer Institute (ISST). Together e*Message and ISST are currently field-testing the technology in schools, kindergartens and other buildings in the rural district of Mering, Bavaria, and in a chemical plant, Wacker Chemie Burghausen. A noted weather service provides the required weather information.

e*Message has been a market leader in alerting technology and an expert on weather information transfer for years. In 2005, the company successfully launched the “” pager developed in collaboration with RTL. Two years latter, e*Message introduced the first satellite-based home weather stations with six-day forecasts—and sold more than one million devices in Germany and France. Storm warning modules could be easily integrated in such weather stations.

Within just a few months, e*WM modules could also be integrated in smoke detectors to deliver alerting messages to appropriate addressees. The technology can even be used to warn the public in specific areas, down to the house number, without any prior definition of warning regions, and with high independence from power mains. It is thus suitable for pinpoint population 24 hours a day, including the necessary wake-up function.

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