e*Broker Now Features LME Steel


Now users of the e*Broker Maxx premium pager can order the LME Steel module to complement the nearly 800 stock-exchange tools that the service already provides. The new module was created in response to the exponential increase in steel prices on the world market. e*Broker provides share and commodity prices over a pager network and is tailored to the needs of brokers, businesspeople and private investors.

e*Broker Now Features LME Steel

The prices of steel products on the global market have been increasing since the beginning of the year. At the same time, steel has been officially listed at the London Metal Exchange (LME) since spring of 2008. Now e*Broker delivers steel price information from LME to pager users in real time, twenty-four hours a day. The service reflects Far East and Mediterranean steel contracts and provides the following prices: 3-month future, 3-month cash, warehouse stocks, 3-month official and cash official.


Effective immediately, users of the e*Broker Maxx premium service can add LME Steel to the nearly 800 stock-exchange tools available on their pagers. e*Broker Maxx also offers a variety of additional modules tailored to the needs of the recycling and metal processing industries: price data for non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc, lead, aluminium, nickel, gold, silver, platinum), palladium futures, various residual metals, plastics listed at LME, etc. Users can also supplement the price information with related breaking news from the Reuters agency. All data is updated constantly and available at the push of a button – unlike other services, e*Broker requires no login, waiting or searching!

A subsidiary of the e*Message Group since 2002, e*Broker W.F.I. Deutschland GmbH ranks among Germany’s leading providers of mobile stock-exchange information. The group’s pager network, with nationwide coverage and powerful broadcasting capabilities, permits the transmission of extensive stock-exchange information to a great number of users with optimum reception quality. Users of the service include international financial institutions; leading asset consultants; a number of trading companies, including metal products traders; industrial companies; and ambitious private investors, including sports stars and their managers.

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