A Top-Flight Experience


e*Dispatch Professional Mobile Radio GmbH will supply a trouble-free mobile communication solution during Berlin’s International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA), which opens May 27, 2008, on the south part of Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport. This year the ILA—one of the world’s largest aerospace trade fairs—welcomes one thousand exhibitors from forty different countries, and awaits hundreds of thousands of visitors.

A Top-Flight Experience

In recent months, e*Dispatch has expanded the trunked radio network that covers the south of the Berlin-Brandenburg region, especially in view of the increased communication needs expected during the 99th edition of the ILA show. The network is now equal to the demand of the exhibitors (including the organizer, Messe Berlin GmbH) and the more than 200 security guards, provided by Gegenbauer Sicherheitsdienste GmbH. The guards monitoring the entrances and the stands will be in continuous communication with push-to-talk service.


The e*Dispatch network has been used successfully for several years for voice and data transmission during mass events such as the City of Berlin’s New Year’s Eve party, the Love Parade, Christopher Street Day, and the Fan Mile at the Brandenburg Gate. It is also used year round by Berlin’s regional railway and the city sanitation department. All users appreciate the efficient bandwidth utilisation, the wide coverage area, and the broad range of services provided by the trunked radio network, which implements the worldwide MPT 1327 standard.

Moreover, e*Dispatch allocates channels according to the users’ demand, thus ensuring optimum availability. The network is also secure against piracy and provides access to the public telephone network. Last but not least, police, ambulance and messenger services appreciate special features such as direct dialling, selective calls, variable group calls, priority calls, emergency calls, and connections to other trunked radio users. A member of the European e*Message Group, e*Dispatch operates Germany’s most successful trunked radio network.

The ILA, which runs until June 1, serves the air transport, aerospace, defence, security, and weapons industries. The organizers are the German Aerospace Industries Association and Messe Berlin GmbH. The exhibition presents new high-tech developments and features a top-notch air show programme.

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