e*Message Wins 2007 European Innovation Prize


Cork, Ireland, 18 October 2007. EMMA, the European Mobile Messaging Association, has awarded its 2007 Innovation Prize to the European e*Message group in recognition of the company’s revolutionary product recently launched on the weather station market.

e*Message Wins 2007 European Innovation Prize

EMMA presented the Innovation Prize to e*Message at a conference held in Cork, Ireland, on October 18, 2007. The award honours a revolutionary product: a new generation of weather stations that receives data via satellite, expanding pager technology into a new area of application. EMMA is an association of forty-five companies from twenty-six different countries. The members include Vodafone, PageOne, Multitone, Tecnomen and other service providers, manufacturers and network operators.


Hundreds of thousands of weather stations have been sold in Germany and France since the launch of the novel product in March, 2007. The sales were not unexpected: specialists had predicted doubled volume for the weather station market, from about 700,000 units in 2006, in the year following the product’s introduction. While earlier weather stations offered only local information, the new stations deliver precise weather reports for all regions in Germany and France. This substantial improvement was made possible thanks to the e*Motion technology, which uses the e*Message paging network and its 1200 transmitters covering 98 percent of the German and French population.

The key features of the e*Motion technology are low power consumption, total coverage and good indoor reception. Such characteristics are suitable to enhance the capabilities of many kinds of devices. For example, the content provided by weather stations can be expanded further, and pager chips can be integrated in all kinds of devices.
Dietmar Gollnick, CEO of the e*Message group, stated: “In the near future, our technology will become a component of various consumer electronics devices.” For example, a pager chip could be integrated in watches, car radios, MP3 players, or GPS navigation systems, allowing such devices to receive a wealth of information from the e*Motion platform – at low cost and with no noticeable increase in power consumption.

The novel weather stations receive data updates over the e*Message network without subscription or other costs to the end user.

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