A Must for Active Traders


July, 2007. Starting immediately, the Federal Association of Secondary Raw Material and Disposal (BVSE) now equips its members with an exclusive stock exchange pager: the e*Broker Maxx BVSE. The pager is a joint product with e*Broker W.F.I. Deutschland GmbH. Metals processors and plastic recyclers will get the mobile information tool at a special price through September.

A Must for Active Traders

In collaboration with BVSE, Germany’s leading recycling industry association, e*Broker W.F.I. Deutschland GmbH has developed an exclusive premium information product for the recycling and metals industry, the e*Broker Maxx BVSE. The pager is especially designed for the specific information needs of active traders in the recycling and metals industry.


Around the clock, it provides mobile information about current metals and plastics prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME), including NF-metal prices for copper, tin, lead, zinc, aluminium, nickel and alloys. Also gold, silver, platinum, palladium spot prices and futures, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE-LLD), and more.

Non-stop Free Delivery of Current Market Prices

The market prices are sent in real time and can be read promptly on the display of the small, handy terminal – just push the button. With its access to all important cross rates (US dollar/euro), the e*Broker Maxx BVSE is recommended not only for metal traders, but also for subcontractors, purchasers and vendors in the recycling and disposal industry.

Additionally, the e*Broker Maxx BVSE offers a multitude of data and financial information such as commodities, interest, indexes, EUREX futures, and more. Optional additions to the mobile market information system provide breaking news and headlines from Reuters, including business, political, corporate reports, and US economic indicators.

Metal processors and plastic recyclers get the e*Broker Maxx BSVE at a preferential price. The first two months are free with a 24-month contract starting in September, 2007. The pager provides important information for traders about their industry for two years or more.

Founded in 1949, BVSE is the leading German industrial association for the recycling and disposal industry. 600 predominantly small and medium-sized businesses are members of BVSE. e*Broker W.F.I. Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of the e*Message group of companies, is one. e*Broker is one of the biggest mobile financial information providers in Germany. The high-capacity paging network with full broadcast capabilities permits simultaneous transmission of a high volume of financial data. The network is completely independent from congestion situations in other mobile networks, and works with optimum service quality all over Germany. Metal and plastics traders, banks, financial service providers and private users have been taking advantage of it for years.

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