e*Motion Goes European


Berlin. 22. May 2007 / The new generation of dynamic radio weather stations, just introduced in March at CeBIT in Hanover, the world’s largest computing trade fair, have already proved a hit with consumers. Unit sales in the hundreds of thousands are expected before the opening of the Christmas shopping season in Germany alone.

Why are the new weather stations so popular? Because they are the first to offer predictions for fifty regions throughout Germany, and thus permit much more precise forecasts than all earlier models. The weather data is continuously updated via satellite over e*Message’s wireless paging network at no extra charge. Thirty-six symbols on the display provide full weather information for the given day and the three days to follow. Moreover, the device analyses weather data from all over the world to generate the forecasts, including air currents, depressions and anticyclones. This is a giant leap from conventional weather stations, which only process local data.

More than Just Weather

Following on the tremendous success in Germany, the novel product is about to be launched in France as well. The first satellite-based radio weather stations will go on the market as early as June – in time for summer holidays. e*Motion, the mobile communications platform used by the e*Message group, will then serve nearly 140 million Europeans, from Brest in Brittany to Frankfurt upon Oder on the Polish border.

“The e*Motion technology has established a permanent presence in the consumer goods market. It’s an open platform for many providers and many applications,” says Dr. Dietmar Gollnick, CEO of the e*Message Group. Communication applications using e*Motion can deliver weather, sports, traffic, financial, product, price and warning information.

A pager module with an interface to e*Motion can be embedded in any electronic device. It costs at most a tenth as much as a comparable mobile telephony module, consumes only a fraction of the power, needs no SIM card, and features significantly better geographic coverage. The bandwidth is moderate, but more than sufficient for data communication to numerous receivers simultaneously.

According to Gollnick, the e*Message Group – the leading provider of professional paging and alerting solutions in continental Europe – is very pleased with the next step in the diversification of its product portfolio. e*Motion is operated in Germany and France in separate frequency bands, but uses existing nationwide networks of some 1,400 base stations in each country.

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