e*Cityruf Goes Bananas!


A leading company in the port of Hamburg now uses e*Cityruf pagers to control road freight loading. The new solution not only solves a logistical problem, but also reduces processing and personal costs.

e*Cityruf Goes Bananas!

The Situation
At peak hours, several dozen lorries arrive for loading at the 530-metre-long Oswald pier in the port of Hamburg. Every year, 700,000 to 800,000 tonnes of bananas, as well as 100,000 tonnes of other tropical products, pass through the refrigerated warehouses of Frucht- und Kühlzentrum GmbH, the German leader in tropical fruit.

The Problem
The lorries used to be called to the loading ramps over narrow-band radio. “The installation was obsolete and relatively complicated,” says project and system developer Andrea Schecker-Krauss. “Among other disadvantages, the receivers were expensive, had a short battery life, and needed to be recalibrated regularly.”

The Solution
The deployment of e*Cityruf pagers not only improved the lorry dispatching, but also simplified the workflow, and thus reduced processing costs. The new solution made one job redundant.

The Process
Upon arrival and registration at the fruit terminal, the lorry drivers receive an e*Cityruf pager and drive to the waiting zone. They remain reachable even while resting at the canteen. The application automatically sends a message as soon as a loading dock is free. After loading, the driver returns the e*Cityruf pager to the terminal staff. The devices are inexpensive and have a long battery charge interval, which eliminates the disadvantages of the earlier system.

Another Plus
Moreover, the e*Cityruf solution was easy to integrate into the “Banana Management System” developed by Schecker-Krauss to monitor the storage and transport chain online. The pager-enabled management system now delivers optimal information transfer between the warehouse, the loading zone, the customers and the haulers.

The increasing use of e*Cityruf in the logistics industry is motivated by the pagers’ ability to optimise coordination between haulers and their customers. Other advantages of the pager technology include reduced waiting and delivery times, easy handling and integration into existing computer systems, low flat rates, immediate message delivery, and perfect reachability. Car manufacturers, beverage producers, mail-order firms, printing businesses and international transport terminals likewise appreciate the assets of paging.

“e*Cityruf’s easy handling, cost transparency and reliability were the deciding factors,” says Andreas Biermeier, CEO of Franz Zentis GmbH & Co KG. “We didn’t need to set up a project group or develop complicated installations. In fact, we didn’t have to do anything special. The more complicated the problems, the easier the solution.” Companies such as BMW, REWE, Krombacher, Fressnapf, Friesland Deutschland GmbH and KTL Kombi-Terminal Ludwigshafen confirm that e*Cityruf reduces lorry waiting times by nearly sixty percent, and helps significantly to relieve the burden on individual locations.

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