Radio Network Secures Germany’s Largest Fan Mall


Berlin, July 3, 2006. The e*Message services are demonstrating their excellence 24 hours a day during the football World Cup. On Germany’s largest “fan mall”, where crowds watch the matches on giant outdoor screens near the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin’s police and transport authorities communicate using the DispatchFunk Berlin radio network. Frankfurt’s firefighters and the Bavarian Red Cross have ordered additional e*Cityruf pagers. And the city of Gelsenkirchen, another match venue, has been using the e*BOS alerting network for over a year.

Radio Network Secures Germany’s Largest Fan Mall

Some six million fans have flocked to Germany’s largest “fan mall,” set up near Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate during the football World Cup tournament. The number of fans on the 2.5-kilometre fun strip will reach a new record on the day of the final match.


MM Communications’ Markus Müller guarantees perfect communication among the security services over the DispatchFunk Berlin radio network, operated by the e*Message Group. The company has already proven the network’s excellence and speed during several mass events, including the annual New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin’s regional railways use thousands of DispatchFunk transceivers, making it the network’s largest user. The transport authority greatly appreciates the network’s advantages during the World Cup. Transporting five million extra passengers, running some 700 additional trains to the Olympic Stadium, and running trains throughout the night would all be impossible without a faultless communication network. The powerful, independent radio network enables the railway to meet the special challenges of the World Cup, as well as those posed by the giant Afro-German concert organised by FIFA two days before the final.

GSM and other bidirectional communication networks are drastically congested in such extreme situations, and even the worldwide GSM Association stated in a study in December, 2005, that mobile phones are not reliable alerting tools.

Several world cup venues also use various e*Message services. Gelsenkirchen’s firefighters, for example, have been using the e*BOS alerting network since January 2005, while the Bavarian Red Cross, the Frankfurt fire department and other emergency services have ordered additional e*Cityruf pagers for the football World Cup.

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