e*BOS Alerting Network Available in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein’s State Capital


Kiel is the first German state capital to opt for e*BOS. e*Message’s digital network will be used to alert the city’s fire department, rescue services and volunteer firefighters.

 e*BOS Alerting Network Available in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein’s State Capital

The Kiel fire department chose e*Message’s digital network to alert its professional and volunteer firefighters and rescue services. Because Schleswig-Holstein’s state capital covers both banks of an inlet, the emergency services are scattered across the city: there is one fire station on the western shore and another on the east, in addition to three rescue stations and two emergency medical units.


No Investments in Obsolete Technology or Expensive Infrastructure

“We were about to buy new analog receivers,” says Jochim Jahn, director of Kiel’s rescue command post, “but we chose e*BOS instead: thanks to the digital network, we don’t need to invest in an obsolete technology or in an infrastructure that could be incompatible with the future civil defence network. Good functionality and reasonable costs made this solution especially attractive to us.” Once various technical tests have been completed, the e*BOS technology is to solve an additional problem: “The alerting procedures over the analog network were much too slow, and sending messages impaired the voice channels,” said Jahn.

In January 2005, the digital network’s advantages over the conventional analog network also prompted Gelsenkirchen’s local authorities to choose the e*BOS technology. Gelsenkirchen will host several football matches during the 2006 World Cup, and its firefighters have already been using e*Message’s digital network for several months. Like Gelsenkirchen, Kiel’s fire department was looking for an alerting technology that could be easily integrated in the existing infrastructure. This was crucial since the State of Schleswig-Holstein plans to reorganize its rescue services around four command posts. The central rescue command post, for example, will be the alerting hub for the cities of Kiel and Neumünster, and for the rural districts of Plön and Rendsburg-Eckenförde. There is still much to be done to reorganise Kiel’s fire brigade—a time-honoured institution founded in 1896—but e*BOS simplifies the job considerably!

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