Toll Collect Chose the Wrong Technology


Manfred Stolpe, German Minister of Transport, has announced that negotiations with Toll Collect have been stopped. e*Message, the leading European data broadcast provider, released the following statement on this event.

One of the reasons that led to the breakdown of negotiations is that the Toll Collect solution was not presented as a bundle of well-known technologies.

Another reason is that T-Online’s and Vodafone’s cellular networks were the only communications networks considered, purely for reasons of familiarity. Cellular networks are good solutions for single messages, but incapable of transmitting information to 800,000 vehicles simultaneously, reliably and at low cost – which is necessary to update a software module or modify a route, for example.

Another project of comparable scale is currently in preparation in Germany: the development of a digital network for police and firefighters. Here again, some decision-makers are being misled, and are considering transmitting data and alerting messages using the wrong technology – and regardless of cost. But neither GSM nor other cellular networks have the capability to alert more than 1.4 million policemen, firefighters and rescue workers. GSM, UMTS, TETRA and TETRAPOL cannot replace data broadcast networks. Alerting hundreds of people simultaneously and quickly is only possible using a specialized, nationwide network like the one e*Message offers to the German security agencies and emergency organizations. A secure modular solution would be the ideal complement to the voice and data networks – a solution that is available now, and at low cost.

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