Dynamo Dresden Revs Up: A Fan Pager in Every Pocket


Germany’s first fan pager has been launched in time for the beginning of the German football championship. The e*Skyper device sports the logo of Dynamo Dresden – who have just entered the second Bundesliga division – and provides exclusive news on the club’s life, updated daily.

Fans and fan clubs of Dynamo Dresden – including Junge Wilden, Treue Löwen and Die Ultras – will be glad to know that the first e*Skyper fan pager, bearing the logo of their favourite football club, has been launched as the German championship opens, and will provide exclusive daily news on the club. Moreover, the optional Dynamo Plus package allows fans to receive special bulletins.

This first-hand service enables fans of the Dresden football club to get the latest information, in or outside the stadium. The fan pager can be ordered online now (www.dynamo-dresden.de) at the special promotional price of €19.90 for the first year. The extensive Dynamo Plus package costs only €29.90.

Some 80 more news programmes are also available on the e*Skyper fan pager. The range includes political, business and cultural channels, as well as a number of sports channels and tickers from the first and second Bundesliga divisions. Whether Dynamo news, Olympic medals, international news or special reports from Athens, the information is always available on the pager’s display at the push of a button. Twenty-four hours a day, and at a low flat rate!

Dynamo Dresden faces MSV Duisburg in a second division match on August 7. The Dresden football club was founded in 1953, and played in the first Bundesliga division from 1991 until 1995. Dynamo have played 98 European cham­­pionship matches and won numerous league and regional cup titles.

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