Television Viewers Become News Readers


The television channel n-tv launches another mobile service: the n tv pager, based on e*Message’s e*Skyper service. The new pager offers more than 80 programmes with a wide range of constantly updated news. Both the pager and the service can be exclusively booked on n tv’s site.

n-tv, Germany’s leading news channel, has already developed a successful stock market news pager, the n tv BörsenPager. The company is now offering a branded e*Skyper pager. The new “electronic newspaper” based on the e*Message technology allows television viewers to stay informed anywhere: the pager can be always on, even in airports, hospitals or server rooms, since it emits no radiation. News is available on the pager’s display at the push of a button. Eighty programmes cover a wide range of fields, including politics, business, sports, finance, culture, lifestyle and regional events.

24-hour News at a Flat Rate

n-tv pagers can deliver more than 11 million characters per month, yet users are charged just a flat yearly rate, regardless of the number of connections and messages received. Both the n tv-branded pager and the flat rate for all news programmes can be ordered together for €129 at

Twelfth e*Skyper Media Cooperation

The partnership between n tv and e*Skyper is the twelfth media cooperation to be launched since October, 2002. Other partnerships have been initiated with such media as Börse Online, Der Aktionär,, ArtInvestor, Börse am Sonntag, and Wallstreet:online. Most of these media offerings were developed on the basis of the e*Skyper pager to offer tailored programmes and promote reader/user loyalty.

n-tv’s stock market pager, BörsenPager, is another successful cooperation between n tv and the European e*Message group. This business pager provides users with international stock market news around the clock, including the DAX and Dow Jones indexes as well as a programme of financial news. The n-tv BörsenPager is also available at a flat rate.

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