e*Stoxxs: A New Pager Service


The European e*Message group recently took over a service previously operated by Sila Communications (formerly IFX). e*Stoxxs, the new pager service, features professional stock-exchange news, n tv financial news, and a “raw product” for resellers. The financial content is provided by Reuters and includes nearly 1000 constantly updated share prices.

Sila Communications recently sold its German branch to e*Message Wireless Information Services GmbH. Sila Communications is a joint venture of Aether Systems, a leading provider of mobile data applications in the US, and Reuters, the world’s leading news agency. Operations will continue under the name e*Stoxxs Wireless Information Services Deutschland GmbH. The new company is a member of the e*Message group, which is present on both the German and French pager markets. e*Stoxxs is available everywhere in Germany, and provides financial news including share and bond prices, indexes, interest rates and commodity prices. The data is provided by Reuters and the major stock markets throughout the world, and is updated in real time.

e*Stoxxs features professional stock-exchange news, n tv financial services, and a raw product that is available to resellers. These customers can receive basic information and use it to develop tailored services for special target groups, to promote customer loyalty, or to increase regular sales without advertising. Consors Discount-Broker AG, Germany’s number one online broker, is among the successful users of such a raw product. Furthermore, all the major German banks use e*Stoxxs Premium News, which includes nearly 1000 continuously updated share prices, while private investors prefer the n tv financial news.

The pager services acquired from from Reuters and Aether Systems are considered the best mobile finance services on the market. Delivering high-quality content quickly and compentently to numerous users is a perfect match for the profile of the European e*Message group.

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