Premiere for EventSports Channel


A new e*Skyper programme started on February 8, together with the Olympic Games. Users are kept informed 24 hours a day on the latest sports results in Salt Lake City — including the current crop of medals for every country. e*Skyper’s Programme 60 is now the EventSports channel.

“Olympia SLC” is the name of the special e*Skyper programme that keeps users up to date on the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City from February 8 to 24. The extensive news are broadcast every day between 6 a.m. and midnight. Records and other important sports news are updated and broadcast in real time. Users can also stay informed around the clock on the medals won by each country.

The 2002 Olympic Games are an appropriate occasion for establishing e*Skyper’s Programme 60 as the EventSports channel. The next sports events to be covered by the programme will be the football World Cup and the Tour de France bicycle race.

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