Special Offer for Former TeLMI Subscribers


DFR (Deutsche Funkruf GmbH), founded in September, 1994, will cease operation of its Internet-based services in December, 2001, after having been declared insolvent. Many former TeLMI subscribers have contacted e*Message, who responded with a special offer on the e*Cityruf business pager.

DFR, based in Mainz-Kastel, is unable to continue operations after having been declared insolvent in October. The company was founded by Motorola, and the TeLMI pager was its main product. The insolvency trustee sent a letter to customers to inform them that the company would cease operations, and advising them to “find another provider for the services obtained from DFR by December 31, 2001.”

Many former TeLMI subscribers contacted e*Message, who responded with a special offer that is valid until December 31, 2001. Those who subscribe to e*Cityruf for two years receive a pager free of charge, and can choose between two different devices: “Vario” for acoustic messages with a nationwide range, and “Primo” for alphanumeric messages, including e-mail, with either regional or national range. e*Message's coverage area is at least 50 percent greater than that of DFR.

Numerous former DFR customers, mainly in the security industry, have already signed on with e*Message to ensure the continuity of their own operations. “We are also working on an optimum solution for the international financial service providers who were using both DFR and e*Message pagers,” said Dr Dietmar Gollnick, President of e*Message Deutschland’s Executive Board and CEO of e*Message Europe, in a preliminary statement.

Increased interest in e*Message’s products was discernible even before DFR’s difficulties, however. Telecom operators have announced that SMS prices for bulk buyers are to increase by a factor of three or four in the near future.

“We have observed these events with regret, especially since another pager operator, Miniruf GmbH, already quit operations last year,” said Gollnick. “But neither Miniruf nor DFR was backed by a strong clientele of business users. Both companies were founded by major concerns – o.tel.o and Motorola – to serve mainly private customers. This strategy was doomed to fail even in the best of times, since the revenues were always lower than the considerable advertising costs. You definitely can’t finance a network with just prepaid customers. We have another business philosophy: our target is not just to achieve a certain turnover, but to meet the customers' needs and to make a profit. Therefore, we concentrate on business users in all industries. They know the assets of our services: rapid, secure and low-cost transmission of a given message to any number of recipients at once.”

e*Message specialises in the wireless messaging market. The company is successful in this market thanks to the following assets:

  • Guaranteed message delivery
  • Excellent reception in a variety of environments
  • Easy, low-cost transmission of a given message to any number of recipients
  • Quasi-flat rates

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