On the Road With e*Message


Trafficmaster, the world’s leading provider of real-time traffic information, has signed a long-term agreement with e*Message Wireless Information Services Deutschland GmbH. Digital information will be delivered to German motorists over e*Message’s paging network.

On the Road With e*Message

Trafficmaster, the world’s leading provider of high-quality real-time traffic information and a driving force in commercial and technology solutions in the telematics field, has been expanding its activities in Germany since the founding of Trafficmaster Europe GmbH last year.


The company has signed a long-term agreement for mobile data communication with e*Message Deutschland GmbH. Trafficmaster will use e*WIP, e*Message’s digital data broadcast platform, to provide millions of motorists throughout Germany with live digital traffic information. The contract also includes agreements between the two companies on co-operation in Europe and on the transportation of non-traffic data.

David Martell: Germany Is a Major Market

David Martell, Trafficmaster’s CEO, said he was pleased about the new contract with e*Message: “Germany is central to our expansion strategy as the largest single car market and the home of the major manufacturers’ engineering operations. In view of this strategic importance, Trafficmaster established a new operating unit in Germany in May of last year: Trafficmaster Europe GmbH, in Hochheim near Frankfurt.” The need to send information reliably to 40 million motorists throughout Germany, with low latency and excellent communication quality, was the key criterion for the agreement.

Dr Dietmar Gollnick: Intelligent Solutions Based on e*WIP

On signing the agreement, Dr Dietmar Gollnick, Chairman of e*Message Deutschland’s executive board and CEO of e*Message Europe, said that his company’s strategy matches those requirements. “e*Message has decisive assets with regard to data broadcasting, availability of services, rapid transmission of messages, and addressing precision.” Dr Gollnick added that the Wireless Information Platform (e*WIP) is the appropriate tool for transmitting high-quality, continuously updated traffic information to motorists. “Trafficmaster will now enjoy all the advantages that we developed for e*Skyper, our data broadcast service, and e*Cityruf, our business paging service: a first-class infrastructure using digital satellite technology and 800 ground stations in Germany, high coverage, and rapid, reliable message delivery. The importance of the new solution to motorists, the environment and the national economy is obvious if you consider that 40 million cars are registered in Germany, and that commuters spend a week per year in stop-and-go traffic. Avoiding traffic jams saves a great deal of time and money and relieves stress. Trafficmaster proposes intelligent solutions, and we are glad to be able to contribute to this project in the future.”

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