e*Message Wins New Customers


e*Message Wireless Information Services GmbH starts the year 2001 with the acquisition of numerous new customers — among them Metromedia, Möbel Walther and former Miniruf users.

Several renowned companies and organizations have made their choice at the new year for the services of e*Message GmbH, a business founded just a year ago. Among them are Metromedia, Möbel Walther, Wismut, Kali und Salz, and the Biblis power plant run by RWE Power AG.

Miniruf GmbH, the German provider that formerly marketed Quix pagers, ceased operations on December 31st, 2001, and numerous former Miniruf customers have switched to the solution-oriented services offered by e*Message.
Dr Dietmar Gollnick, e*Message's CEO, welcomed the former Miniruf customers on January 9th in Berlin: “They will enjoy the reliability of our services, as well as our professionalism and the friendliness of our advisers.” About Miniruf’s withdrawal, Dr Gollnick said, “We at e*Message strongly believe that paging has a brilliant future. This is why we intend to make considerable investments again this year to improve the current products and to develop new business paging and data broadcast services. The fact that new customers continue to put their trust in our products is a confirmation of our long-term European strategy.”

Kali und Salz GmbH: “There’s no Better Alternative than e*Citiruf”

Metromedia Fiber Network Services GmbH, a company that runs state-of-the-art fiber optic networks the world over, chose the e*Message pagers to guarantee its customers fast response and reliable reception.
Moreover, Wismut GmbH and Kali und Salz GmbH decided to equip their pit fire brigades with e*Cityruf pagers. “Every minute counts when a vehicle or a conveyor is burning down in a pit,” said Gerhard Günther, Kali und Salz’s safety officer. “With e*Cityruf, we can alert our fifty firefighters simultaneously and thus reduce response time. For us, there’s no better alternative to this alerting system.”

e*Message Part of the Safety Infrastructure

The Biblis power plant also chose e*Cityruf to alert its emergency services rapidly and thus ensure maximum safety. An e*Message spokesman said, “Like our customer, we hope that the system will be used rarely, for minor alarms. But we must provide an appropriate infrastructure to be ready for the worst case. A service provider who doesn’t charge for such services can’t survive very long.”

New Applications for Child Care and Market Research

Möbel Walther, a well-known German chain of furniture stores, has also been using e*Cityruf since the beginning of the year. Parents who leave their children at the stores’ child care facilities can shop without worrying, since they can be reached by pager at any time.
Furthermore, the Hanover Media and Communication Institute (Institut für Journalistik und Kommunikationsforschung) has provided pagers to a test group of 200 individuals participating in a three-month study on their use of the media during their leisure time. The study has just started, but the scientists have already registered promising feedback.

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