e*Message Granted Mobile Telecom Licence


The German Telecom and Post Regulating Agency (Reg TP) has just granted a Class 1 mobile telecom licence1 to e*Message Deutschland. The licence is valid for at least twelve years on the 460 MHz band. e*Message is now the first and only company in the German capital to be granted a mobile telecom licence.

“e*Message starts operations in excellent economic conditions,” said DrDietmar Gollnick, Chairman of e*Message Deutschland’s executive board and CEO of e*Message Europe, on receiving the licence. “We have already made the main investments. The company is earning profits and is backed by a first-class infrastructure and a sound clientele. More than 97 percent of our turnover comes from contract customers. This figure is probably unique among companies that have been licenced recently.”

The licence was granted after e*Message had developed a new generation mobile telecom network last year. The infrastructure that was acquired from Deutsche Telekom MobilNet (T-Mobil) was modernized, which enabled e*Message to start operation as soon as the licence was granted – an unprecedented event in the history of Reg TP.

e*Message took over T-Mobil’s clientele with the purchase signed on January 15, 2000, and operated as a service provider for T-Mobil until the licence was granted. The two companies had agreed that e*Message would develop special business paging services in Europe.

98 Percent of the Population Already Covered

e*Message has its own access numbers and transmits on three frequencies which are distinct from those used by mobile phone networks. The company is thus able to ensure a more effective and reliable message delivery. Under the licence granted, e*Message must cover at least 60 percent of the population within four years – the current coverage is already above 98 percent, however.

Unlike other mobile communication operators, e*Message offers a diversified range of services, including e*Cityruf (a business pager which contributes more than 80 percent of the revenues) and various data broadcast services. e*Message communicated last week that a major contract was recently signed with Trafficmaster Plc., the world leader on the telematics market, to provide data broadcast services such as traffic information at low cost for all vehicles and navigation systems.

Licences in Germany and France Offer Long-term Prospects

According to a survey by the Department of Communications Networks Development at Aachen University of Technology (RWTH Aachen), the technology used by e*Message has decisive assets for the development of brand new applications combining paging and cellular telephony. Accordingly, there is a connection between paging and the UMTS licences that were granted in September 2000. Broadcast capability and better transmission range are substantial enhancements to UMTS back-channel and broadband qualities.

e*Message is now the first and only company in the German capital to be granted a mobile telecom licence. e*Message France, the French subsidiary, was already granted a similar licence in 2001. Both licences open long-term prospects to the company’s hundreds of customers, and pave the way for the development of innovative services based on the e*WIP information transport platform.

¹) Mobile telecom licences are required to operate cellular telephone, trunked radio and pager networks. e*Message was granted a licence for paging services.

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