The Prospects of Paging


Dr Dietmar Gollnick, CEO of both e*Message Deutschland and e*Message Europe, made the following statement on the announcement in the German Telecommunication Regulation Agency’s official gazette (2/2001) that Miniruf GmbH had relinquished its operating licence:Nachrichtenübertragung, sei es Mobilfunk, Satellitenfunk oder schnurloser Übergang in das Festnetz, unbestreitbare Vorteile.“

“We regret that another small provider of pager services has found itself obliged to cease operations. Miniruf had concentrated on a business model that did not stand the test, neither in Germany nor in other countries. We consider that long-lasting success cannot be achieved with a target group exclusively composed of young individuals, nor with a calling-party-pays1 price policy. In spite of considerable advertising outlays in the mid-1990s, and the resulting initial success, the providers of such pager services have been unable to establish themselves in the market, and have failed to convince young people that their products were low-cost alternatives.

e*Message, which has been the leader in continental Europe since it acquired DeTeMobil’s and France Telecom Mobile’s paging activities, chose a different strategy from the very beginning. First, we specialize in business paging and earn more than 95% of our considerable turnover with e*Cityruf and e*Skyper, two products that have no rivals. We offer intelligent paging solutions with unique advantages: reliable reception and low-cost operation, even for point-to-multipoint communication. Such products are urgently needed in the market and there are no substitutes for them at the moment. Second, e*Message is a European business backed by an exceptional infrastructure composed of more than 1200 transmitting stations in Germany and France. In cooperation with several partners, we are also developing new data broadcast services based on e*WIP. Companies are thus given the opportunity to offer their own services over our network or platform. We provide these customers not only with tailored solutions, but also with long-term prospects.”

1 “Calling party pays”: The pager holder pays no subscriber fee; messages originate by telephone and are charged to the caller.

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