Ten Times a Day or More


A record number of people participated in a poll that was started at the end of 2000 as a follow-up to the successful relaunch of the e*Skyper pager, the new stock market information tool. INFO GmbH, an independent polling company, was commissioned by e*Message to conduct the survey, and presented the results in Berlin in early February this year.

Some 1600 e*Skyper users participated in the poll. Almost 93% of the respondents are currently employed and described themselves as particularly interested in stock market, news and sports programmes. The majority of those questioned were between the ages of 26 and 50. They use e*Skyper at least ten times a day to follow share prices, to get the latest news on politics, business and sports, and to stay informed about the weather or cultural events.

Favorite e*Skyper programme: DAX

The DAX programme, which reports share prices, ranked first among popular channels, ahead of currencies and indexes, business news and the German press agency, dpa. The poll also reveals major differences between age groups in programme preferences. Older users are mainly interested in the stock market and news on politics, business and sports, while the younger set prefer football news and more sensational programmes such as "Explosiv" or "Boulevard". However, more than one third of the users under eighteen are already showing an interest in the stock market. Two thirds of those questioned qualified their investment strategy as “risk-friendly”.

e*Skyper Users Live in a Multimedia Environment

e*Skyper users consider their pagers as a supplementary information source alongside television, print media and the Internet. For stock market information, they rank e*Skyper above television and various print media. 64% of those questioned get sports information from television, and 54% through e*Skyper. But print media are the favourite information source for news about cultural activities and events, before television and e*Skyper, which ranks third.

e*Skyper already provides 600 constantly updated share prices, and a total of 80 information programmes — some of which are managed by the e*Skyper editorial team that was set up on October 1, 2000. “The comments, requests and suggestions that were expressed in reponse to the poll are helping us make our programmes even more attractive,” said Alexandra Esche, Editor in Chief February, 2001. “We would like to thank everyone who participated in the poll and to congratulate the winners.”

Christoph Hensel of Sindelfingen won the first prize: a weekend in Berlin for two, including tickets for the musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame and a candlelight dinner.

The following participants each won a year’s free subscription to e*Skyper: Kenan Yalcin (Gerstetten), Dörte Tiede (Wismar), Martin Gentschenfelde (Hamm), Danny Rentzsch (Dresden) and Manfred Vollmer (Neuburg).

The winners were chosen at random.

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