e*Message Presents New Stock Market Pager


In a press conference on October 5, 2000, in the German stock exchange in Frankfurt am Main, the e*Message company introduced e*Skyper, its new stock market information service. The new product is an economical alternative to conventional stock market pagers.

e*Message Presents New Stock Market Pager

For years, professional brokers have used stock market pagers as the ideal supplement to mobile telephones, the Internet and print media. Until now, however, stock market information via pager was anything but economical for the great majority of private investors and small shareholders, especially due to the high subscription rates of up to DM 400 per month.


“With our new e*Skyper stock market service, an economical alternative is finally available to the mature private investor.” said Dr Dietmar Gollnick, Managing Director of e*Message, during the press conference. “e*Skyper gives everyone interested in the stock market – regardless of portfolio size – the chance to be mobile and still know how stocks are doing,” he continued.
For a flat rate of just 68 pfennigs per day, e*Skyper allows every subscriber to access more than 600 continuously updated share prices from anywhere in Germany, including all stocks listed on the DAX, Dow Jones, Neuer Markt, and M-Dax indexes, as well as 78 Nasdaq papers. In addition, the service provides current news from the world of politics, business, sports, society, regional and international weather, as well as restaurant and cultural tips. No use-dependent fees are incurred.

IAM Pretest Passed

Two weeks before, e*Skyper had made its first public appearance at the International Investor Fair (IAM) in Düsseldorf. During the three days the fair lasted, more than 400 visitors crowded the e*Message stand to learn about the new stock market information service and test it on the spot. The unanimous opinion: The information offered is current and extensive, the receiver is user-friendly and very economical.
Carsten Hofmann, Product Manager at e*Message: “Our success at the fair confirmed that our timing for introducing the e*Skyper to the market was right. The more private investors use shares and funds to raise their standard of living or finance their retirement, the higher the demand for current, extensive and affordable share price information will be.”

Subscription Rates for e*Skyper

  • 12 months paid in advance: DM 248.00
  • 6 months paid in advance: DM 149.00
  • Monthly rate: DM 28.00
  • Pager without service: DM 200.00
  • Pager with 12-month service: DM 299.00

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