Business Paging Means Steep Climb for Start-up


e*Message Wireless Information Services GmbH, a newcomer in the European paging market, has signed a contract with France Télécom Mobile Radiomessagerie (FTMR) to take over its French paging business.

Earlier the responsible regulatory body A.R.T. and two ministries had approved the acquisition of the paging services Tatoo, Alphapage and Expresso by e*Message France S.A. The e*Message company also receives the operating licenses previously held by France télécom. e*Message will continue to run these well-known services and will ensure that all access numbers remain unchanged. The service provider Stratus, based in Lyon, becomes part of the e*Message company through the takeover of the FTMR services. Four weeks ago e*Message announced its acquisition of the French paging activities of Swissphone-Sprintel, based in Versailles.

“We believe other communication media are needed alongside GSM, and on a Europe-wide scale,” said Dr Dietmar Gollnick, General Manager of e*Message. “For this reason we have taken over not only the paging services of France Telecom but also the Cityruf, Skyper and Scall paging services of T-Mobil as well within a few weeks.”

Today e*Message, as the European market leader in paging, already has a several hundred thousand customers. In the business sector alone, over 300,000 users are using e*Message’s Cityruf and Expresso services. Renowned manufacturing and service businesses in particular, such as Siemens and BMW, rely on professional paging, which is characterised by absolute reliability, optimum receiving performance, and unlimited usability.

In the coming years e*Message will invest more than €10 million to develop and ensure the future quality of its network. The goal is to offer paging subscribers the best and most advanced infrastructure using the latest satellite technology. Reliability and fast message transmission are unique features of paging, both for individual messages and for simultaneous transmissions to hundreds of addressees. Already 99.86% of all paging messages reach their recipient faultlessly.

With the takeover of France Télécom Mobile Radiomessagerie (FTMR), e*Message is the leading specialised provider in continental European paging. In Germany e*Message offers the Skyper information service, as well as the Cityruf and Scall paging services which were previously part of T-Mobil. The corresponding services in France are branded Expresso and Tatoo. e*Message’s goal is to develop paging in the professional and semi-professional market segments a Europe-wide scale.

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